Bearings That Last

Bearings That Last

Monroe was invited to visit with a water bottling facility (a National company) researching a way to extend the life of current bearings used in their rotary bottle fillers. The assembly being used was comprised of two Stainless Steel bearings and two Seals (one on upper side of column, one on the lower side). The column rotates and, in doing so, fills the bottles of water. This machine fills several hundred bottles per minute. The bearing assembly was lasting about six months upon which the bearings and seals would need replacement. In addition, many times the column (which the water passes through) would require re-plating due to corrosion from the bearing assembly. There was, of course, an additional cost for this process.

Monroe offered the same size bearing with plastic races and cage with Stainless Steel balls. We received an order (through a distributor) for two pieces as a trial. The bearings were installed along with the same type seals used previously. After three months, the machine was inspected and all parts were found to be in the same condition as they were when installed. Another inspection was done three months later with the same results. These bearings and all parts are still running, since August 2010. We have since received orders for four more bearings. As far as we know, these are also being used in their fillers.

By simple calculation, and taking into account the distributor’s selling price, we have saved them a considerable amount of money, and not only in parts, but in downtime and maintenance costs as well.

We have since been asked to produce special size Cam Track roller bearings to replace the metal versions currently being used.

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