Have damaged floors becausse of Casters?

Have damaged floors becausse of Casters?

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PROBLEM - A customer was using a six caster picking cart; four swivel caster on the corners with two rigid casters in the center. The rigid caster improved tracking and control when moving long distances and turning, however it limited maneuverability in tight spaces. Additionally, the rigid wheel was damaged when the cart was pushed sideways, floors were also damaged.

SOLUTION - The multi-directional Rotacaster was fit up in a compatible caster rig and installed on one picking cart. The result was just what the customer was looking for. The R3-1258 triple Rotacaster rolling as a 125mm wheel provided the same tracking control as the rigid caster for long runs and the cart maneuverability was enhanced. Most importantly the picking cart could very easily be moved directly sideways.

The specific problem of wheel and floor damage was eliminated and overall handling of the picking cart was improved with the R3-1258 Rotacaster installed over a fixed wheel.

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