Escape Room Components and Hardware

Escape Room Components and Hardware

Monroe is a global industrial manufacturing company that has experience in manufacturing and distributing Escape Room Components and Hardware. We are an ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D certified global industrial manufacturing company offering a broad product line and has a diverse customer base of manufacturers, distributors and catalog-houses

The key to a great escape room is total immersion. Monroe can be your soul supplier for all your escape room needs while achieving total immersion. If you can think of product you need, we more than likely have it. Do you need cables and wiring for a sci-fi room we got you covered. Need a magnetic catch for a puzzle we got those too. Even if you need simple fasteners to repair everyday wear and tear or repair a certain prop broken by a rowdy customer. We have every type of screw , bolt , washer , pins and nuts you could ever need. With 25+ years of custom manufacturing experience and developing solutions we can work together to create any idea you have for your room. If you want small quantities of custom products our 3D printing service might be a better fit for you.

We at Monroe touch your life every day in the house that you live in, the way you get to work, and how the things you buy are made. In business, since 1958 we make and supply thousands of items through industry leading stock and sell solutions. Monroe sales engineers have the experience and can do approach to offer solutions to your unique needs. If the specific product you need isn’t shown, let us know and we will make it, stock it, and deliver it as you need it.

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