Gas Cylinder Handling

Gas Cylinder Handling

The Challenge: A leading compressed gas manufacturer introduced a new high capacity G3 cylinder and needed to improve user handling practices, increase productivity and deliver the best possible ergonomic and safety outcomes while retrieving, transferring and placing the cylinder on and off steel stillage, welding machines and floor positions.

Rotacaster Solution: Rotacaster developed a specialized Rotatruck for the task. Built around the safety award winning self-supporting 4-wheel wheelbase, this Rotatruck employs a two-frame solution to safely raise and lower the cylinder off and onto stillage, while keeping two wheels safely planted on the ground. To engage, a magnet connects the cylinder to the Rotatruck for an easy pull-back into the reclined position and safe transfer in the cradle of the curved back frame. The self-supporting Rotatruck optimizes the handling ergonomics. It minimizes the effort required, eliminates the need for bending and enables the user to lever rather than lift the cylinder into place. The all-terrain wheelbase enables sure-footed travel across a range of terrains.

The Rotatruck delivers as the easiest, quickest and safest solution, exceeding expectations at every level. Rotatrucks are robust and reliable, designed to deliver an easier user experience, quicker and improved productivity and ergonomically safer performance. Easier, quicker, safer. Rotacaster. To view the video, click here.

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