Honey Comb Pallet Turntable

Honey Comb Pallet Turntable

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CHALLENGE - to improve the movement of honeycomb paper pallets down a packaging conveyor. One unusual aspect of the product movement is that some pallet packages require 90 degree rotation for proper orientation at final packaging.

Within this conveyor line, was a section, 62”w x 66” l, incorporating a powered turntable topped with ball transfers to handle the rotation and straight product movement. There were some issues with this method that the manufacturer was looking to improve upon. The biggest problem encountered in moving product was that pallets would not track straight when traveling across the ball transfer turntable. Employees moving the pallets, up to 1,200 lbs., would have a difficult time keeping the product moving in a straight line. Additionally, the force required to move product across the ball transfers was more than desired.

SOLUTION - A lay-out of Rotacaster 48mm wheels was designed by Monroe, using Rotacaster’s prefabricated aluminum mount channels, to provide the lowest rolling resistance for the pallets along the packaging lines. The axles along the 66” long conveyor were spaced closely on 1.5” centers. The wheels were then installed on 3” centers on each axle. The design provided the proper load support for the pallets 6” square pads.

The customer fabricated a base for the assembly of Rotacaster components; 48mm wheels, axle spacers and pre-fabricated aluminum channel. Once the section was completed and installed the expected improvements were achieved. The honeycomb pallets were easier to move across the Rotacaster transfer table, rotation of pallets was easily accomplished manually and the directional control was improved greatly.

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