Palletizing Station

Palletizing Station

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CHALLENGE - A large distribution center (DC) was looking to improve workplace ergonomics. One area targeted for improvement was box palletizing. Boxes are gravity fed to a workstation with a conventional conveyor roller bed. At this workstation operators are required to sort, orientate and offload boxes onto a pallet for shipping.

The forces require to orientate and slide the boxes on conventional steel rollers were a target for improvement, especially considering the repetitive nature of the operation.

SOLUTION - The DC supervisor saw the Max Performance Conveyor Rollers at a tradeshow and immediate thought of the above workstation. Working with their local OneMonroe salesperson, an optimized Max Performance roller was selected.

These rollers are field retrofitable, so installation and trial did not require any changes to the DC conveyor lines, just the one for one replacement of rollers. The operators immediately felt the benefits of the Max Performance rollers; reduced forces as the boxes now rolled in all directions on the Rotacaster multidirectional wheels. Orientation, sortation and offloading are much easier and quicker.

Upgrading additional palletizing workstations with Max Performance rollers was easy.

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