Operating Floor Challenge

Operating Floor Challenge

Operating room floors obstructed by the power cords, connecting wires from equipment to the operating table, and various and assorted tubes present a labyrinth of obstacles. Most equipment used in hospitals rolls, since it is frequently used in multiple locations. Equipment in operating rooms must be removed so the theatre can be sanitized for the next procedure.

Cable pushers are generally found optionally incorporated onto twin-wheel casters; traditional single wheel institutional casters do not offer this option. One way hospitals deal with these problems is to install a plastic device around the caster wheel. It works fine, but must be removed when the device leaves the operating room. It will not clear door sills, and in some cases precludes access to the brake levers.

Medical equipment manufacturers require aesthetically pleasing designs that do not look industrial or threatening to patients who may already fear the surgical procedure. A Square Wheel Caster is best for use as a heavy medical equipment casters. While dozens of other uses exist, the 551D Square Wheel Caster was designed with the medical profession in mind. Problems entering or exiting elevators caused by the threshold crack in which wheels easily get caught if the wheels are not properly oriented have been resolved with the Square Wheel Caster available from Monroe. Other challenges overcome by this square wheel include navigating minor changes in floor levels or negotiating door sills. The unique built-in ramp between the wheels helps the caster climb over such obstacles.

As equipment gets moved around it must navigate around, over, and through this snarl of obstacles without unplugging wires or standing on and clogging a vital tube. Some form of “cable pusher” is desirable to preclude causing a malfunctioning piece of equipment.

The 551D Square Wheel Caster may assist in compliance with the new IEC/EN 60601-1 standard. This standard has been evolving for several years. In the case of casters, the standard calls for carts/medical equipment (ME) to be able to clear a tall obstacle, nominally a door sill, without damage to the equipment or need for the operator to lift the cart, risking personal injury.

A strategic partnership has been formed between Steinco, known worldwide for extraordinary German engineering of caster wheels and Monroe. Monroe is the leading, worldwide provider of motion control solutions including casters and wheels, gas springs, levelers, bearings, and accessories. Monroe combines the best of single-source convenience with the benefits of a global network. Strategic distribution and service centers enable Monroe to provide timely delivery of the 551D Square Wheel Caster products.

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