Ambulance Products

Every component of an ambulance plays a pivotal role in delivering efficient, life-saving services. OneMonroe offers a wide variety of products that contribute to the safety, efficiency, and reliability of ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

  1. Locks and Latches
  2. One of the products that we offer is rod locks and bar locks, also known as cam type locks. These are strong locks with ample leverage to clamp doors tight or break frost seals. These are mainly used on ambulances to ensure that medical supplies and equipment are stored securely, reducing the risk of equipment damage or loss during high-speed drives. Another type of lock is a refrigeration lock. These are essential in maintaining temperature-sensitive medications, contributing to effective patient care. Hood/paddle latches offer reliable fastening for external compartments like engine hoods, ensuring secure closure and easy access when maintenance or checks are needed.

  3. Hinges
  4. Hinges are equally crucial, specifically piano hinges and refrigeration hinges. Piano hinges, also known as continuous hinges, offer superior strength and durability for high-use doors. Refrigeration hinges ensure the proper operation and sealing of onboard refrigerators, crucial for maintaining the integrity of stored medications and supplies.

  5. Ventilators
  6. Ventilators play a vital role in delivering critical respiratory support to patients, providing continuous ventilation during transport to the hospital. We offer roof ventilators, aluminum vents, and cowl vents. Their secure installation is crucial for unimpeded operation during transit.

  7. Rope Rings
  8. Rope rings, also known as D-rings, are metal rings typically attached to the walls or floor of a vehicle. They provide anchor points for ropes, straps, or cables, ensuring that equipment and cargo are secured during transit. They can be used to secure stretchers, medical equipment, or other essentials within an ambulance.

  9. Tie-Downs
  10. Tie-downs refer to straps, chains, or other securing devices used in conjunction with rope rings to safely secure items. In the context of an ambulance, tie-down systems can be used to secure medical equipment, stretchers, and wheelchairs.

  11. Handles
  12. Handles, especially assist/locking handles, are essential for safety and mobility within the ambulance. They provide support for paramedics during transit and help ensure a firm grip when maneuvering within the vehicle. Locking handles are often found on storage compartments within the ambulance, securing critical medical equipment and supplies during transport. They ensure that these items stay in place and are readily accessible when needed. In addition, locking handles on doors provides an additional level of security for both the patient and the ambulance crew.

  13. Lighting
  14. Finally, lighting in an ambulance serves a dual purpose. Interior lighting ensures medics can perform their duties effectively, while exterior emergency lights warn other road users and guide the driver in navigating through traffic. We offer many industrial lights that include CREE combo bar, combo beam, spotlights, quad spotlight, dual row light bar and more.

  15. Miscellaneous
  16. There are a few miscellaneous products we offer that are also beneficial to emergency vehicles. Finger Pull Bolts are typically used to secure doors or compartments within the ambulance. They are designed for easy operation, allowing quick and secure access to medical supplies and equipment. The 'finger pull' design means they can be operated even with gloved hands, essential in a medical emergency situation. Folding Assists, on the other hand, are used in conjunction with folding structures within the ambulance. For instance, folding seats or fold-down equipment compartments often feature these assists to help facilitate their smooth and easy operation. They allow medical personnel to quickly and efficiently utilize the space in the ambulance, adapting to the needs of each individual situation.

In conclusion, each piece of hardware, from locks and hinges to ventilators, rope rings, handles, and lighting, plays a pivotal role in the overall function and efficiency of an ambulance. These components not only aid in the provision of medical services but also ensure the safety and comfort of both the medical personnel and patients onboard. At OneMonroe, we understand the crucial nature of these components. That's why we commit to providing the highest quality products, each meticulously designed and tested to withstand the demands of the emergency medical services sector. We take pride in supporting the endeavours of these life-saving services and contribute to their crucial missions with our reliable and top-quality products.

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