Ghosting: How It Affects 3D Printers

3D printing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Statistics show that the global 3D printing market is now valued at over $21 billion, compared to just $4.4 billion in 2012. Manufacturing companies big and small alike use it to … Read More

What Is Rubber Pad Forming in Metalworking?

Have you heard of rubber pad forming? Based on the name alone, you may assume that it’s used to produce rubber products. Rubber pad forming, however, is actually a metalworking process that’s used to produce metal products. It’s simply called … Read More

Selective Laser Melting: A High-Tech 3D Printing Method

Fused deposition modeling isn’t the only 3D printing method. Although it’s the most popular, there are several other 3D printing methods available, including selective laser melting. Selective laser melting is a relatively new 3D printing method, but it’s gained popularity … Read More

An Introduction to Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)

Laminated object manufacturing (LOM) is frequently performed for rapid prototyping in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies use it to quickly build prototypes of products from an object model. The object model is designed in a computer program, after which it’s … Read More

What Is Swaging in the Manufacturing Industry?

Manufacturing companies often rely on the use of compressive forces to manipulate the size and shape of workpieces. There are many different forging processes used in the manufacturing industry, however, one of which is swaging. A type of cold-working forging … Read More

6 Things You Didn’t Know About 3D Printing

By now, you’ve probably heard of 3D printing. It’s become an increasingly popular manufacturing process that’s used in both commercial and consumer applications. 3D printing is designed to build objects by depositing layers of material onto a printing bed. However, … Read More

Monroe Engineering Expands Wire Termination and Harness Capabilities

Monroe buys assets of Dicon Connections, Inc. Rochester Hills, MI— June 1, 2020— Today at an internal event, Monroe announced the successful purchase of the assets of Dicon Connections, a North Branford, CT company.  This partnership is a strategic addition … Read More