5 Common Types of Knobs

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A knob is an attachment that’s used to open or move a connected object. There are doorknobs, for instance, they allow you to open or close a door. You can grab the doorknob with your hand, after which you can pull it to open the door. Knobs, however, are used in countless other applications besides doors. Below are five of the most common types of knobs.

#1) Push-Pull

A push-pull knob is a type of knob that requires pushing or pulling to use. They are typically made of high-quality plastic that’s coated with a glossy finish, or they are made of stainless steel. To use a push-pull knob, you’ll need to either push inward or pull outward. Push-pull knobs are defined by this method of operation, which is what distinguishes them from other types of knobs.

#2) Ball

There are also ball knobs. Ball knobs consist of a circular ball that you can grip to open or move the object to which they are connected. For applications involving up-down or side-to-side movements, ball knobs are often used. They can move either vertically or horizontally. And with their ergonomic design, ball knobs offer a comfortable grip.

#3) Prong

A prong knob is a type of knob-based handle that features prongs. It doesn’t have a round gripping handle, nor does it have a lever gripping handle. Rather, a prong knob has a multi-pronged gripping handle. With its pronged design, it allows for more torque than that of other types of knobs. You’ll have able to grip a prong knob more tightly so that you can turn it with torque.

#4) T-Handle

We can’t talk about common types of knobs without mentioning T-handle. Also known simply as a handle, a T-handle knob features a long and straight gripping handle. Like pronged knobs, they offer a high level of torque. You can easily grip and turn a T-handle grip. T-handle knobs such as this are often used for tightening and fastening applications.

#5) Knurled Rim

Finally, a knurled rim knob is a type of knob that features a knurled gripping handle. The handle isn’t smooth. Instead, knurled rim knobs have a textured or “knurled” handle that allows for greater traction than that of other types of knobs. Knurled rim knobs come in many different sizes. Some of them are small, whereas are larger. Regardless, they all feature a knurled gripping handle.

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