5 Facts About Flat Springs

Flat springs by Monroe

Springs are available in different styles. In addition to coiled-wire styles, such as extension and compression, there are flat springs. Flat springs are able to store mechanical energy under a load — just like all other springs. Rather than featuring a coiled design, though, they are flat. Here are five facts about flat springs.

#1) Produce Higher Forces at Shorter Heights

When compared to coiled-wire springs, flat springs produce higher forces at shorter heights. Springs work by producing a counterforce when exposed to an external force. They typically deform under a load, and as long as the load remains present, the spring will create its own counterforce. Flat springs produce a stronger counter force relative to their height than coiled-wire springs.

#2) Commonly Used With Fasteners

What are flat springs used for exactly? While they have many different applications, one of their most applications is to secure fasteners in place. They are used in conjunction with threaded fasteners. There are flat springs that function as “locking washers. You can place a threaded bolt through the center of them. As you drive the bolt into the underlying workpiece, the flat spring will flatten while simultaneously locking the bolt in place.

#3) Strong and Durable

Flat springs are strong and durable. Many of them are made of high-carbon steel. High-carbon steel, of course, is a type of steel that’s characterized by a high concentration of carbon. All steel contains some carbon, but high-carbon steel contains a higher concentration of carbon. Carbon provides strength and durability, allowing flat springs to withstand heavy loads without failing.

#4) Save Spaces

One of the advantages flat springs offer over traditional coiled-wire springs is their ability to save space. They are smaller and more compact than their coiled-wire counterparts. The flat design of these springs allows for efficient use of space in compact systems where size constraints are critical.

#5) Customizable

Flat springs are customizable. During production, they can be customized to meet your business’s specific needs. Maybe you need a flat spring with a particular load capacity, or perhaps you need a flat spring in a particular size. Even the deflection range of flat springs is customizable.

In Conclusion

When most people think of springs, they envision coiled-wire springs. While coiled-wire springs are undoubtedly popular, there are other types of springs, such as flat springs. Flat springs produce higher forces as shorter heights, are commonly used with fasteners, are strong and durable, save space, and they are customizable.

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