5 Facts About Lifting Magnets

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Have you heard of lifting magnets? Also known as material handling magnets, they leverage a powerful magnetic field to pick up ferrous materials and workpieces. Rather than attempting to physically lift ferrous materials and workpieces — something that could result in bodily injury — you can use a lifting magnet. Here are five facts about lifting magnets.

#1) Features an ON/OFF System

You can turn on and off most lifting magnets. Turning the handle to the ON position will activate the lifting magnet. The magnetic flux path will travel through the MS body. Turning the handle to the OFF position, conversely, will detach the MS body. With a simple ON/OFF system, lifting magnets are easy to use.

#2) Can Lift Thousands of Pounds

Lifting magnets are strong. They aren’t ordinary ceramic magnets. Rather, they are neodymium magnets that, like all neodymium magnets, are quite powerful. Some lifting magnets have a lift rating of 660 pounds, whereas others have a lift rating of 1,320 pounds, 6,600 pounds or even 13,200 pounds. Regardless, lifting magnets are incredibly strong and cable of lifting most ferrous materials and workpieces.

#3) Lightweight

While strong, lifting magnets are relatively lightweight. You don’t have to use heavy machinery to transport them. Lifting magnets do, in fact, support cranes, hoists and other machinery, but you can often move them manually due to their lightweight properties. Some of them weigh just a little over 6 pounds. Other lifting magnets weigh 20 to 100 pounds.

#4) Resistant to Corrosion

You don’t have to worry about corrosion eating away at lifting magnets. Assuming you choose the right type, it will remain protected from corrosion. There are nickel-plated lifting magnets, for instance, that are naturally resistant to corrosion. Nickel is known for its excellent resistance to corrosion. Some lifting magnets feature a layer of nickel, thus allowing them to withstand moist and humid environments without succumbing to the effects of corrosion.

#5) Can Lift Cylindrical Objects

Lifting magnets support objects in different shapes. You can even use them to lift cylindrical objects; you just need to keep the cylindrical surface contacting the V-slot of the lifting magnet on two lines.

In Conclusion

Lifting magnets are powerful permanent magnets that are capable of lifting ferrous materials and workpieces. With a lifting magnet, you won’t have to manually lift ferrous objects in the workpiece. Rather, you can place the lifting magnet under them, after which you can activate it.

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