5 Features to Look for in an Industrial Padlock

Industrial padlock

In many workplaces, industrial padlocks offer the first line of defense against property theft and vandalism. They feature a shackle and a body. When unlocked, the shackle will separate from the body. You can then install or remove the padlock, followed by relocking it. While all industrial padlocks have a shackle and body, though, some of them have different features than others. Below are five essential features to look for when choosing an industrial padlock.

#1) High Number of Security Pins

You should look for a high number of security pins when choosing an industrial padlock. Security pins are a key component of an industrial padlock. Upon inserting a key into an industrial padlock and turning it, the security pins will align themselves in the appropriate position. The more security pins an industrial padlock has, the greater its protection against lock-picking.

#2) Laminated Construction

Industrial padlocks featuring a laminated construction are typically stronger than their counterparts. A laminated construction means the industrial padlock is made of multiple layers of material. It doesn’t consist of a single and solid piece of material. Rather, with a laminated construction, the industrial padlock consists of many individual layers — with each layer being bonded to the adjacent layer or layers.

#3) Heavy-Duty Shackle

The level of security offered by an industrial padlock is heavily dependent upon the shackle. Industrial padlocks with a weak shackle aren’t very secure. If the shackle is weak, it may crack or break when exposed to a force. If you’re shopping for an industrial padlock, you should check to make sure it has a heavy-duty shackle. Shackles consisting of boron-alloy, for instance, are heavy duty. They are stronger and more resilient than those made of traditional metals.

#4) Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is another feature to look for in an industrial padlock. Not all industrial padlocks are made of the same material. Nonetheless, most of them contain iron or iron alloys in their construction. When exposed to oxygen, these iron compounds may lead to corrosion. Fortunately, there are industrial padlocks available with corrosion-resistant coatings. You can find them with zinc coatings, for instance. A zinc coating will shield the industrial padlock’s body so that it doesn’t corrode.

#5) Bump Resistance

You may want to choose a bump-resistant industrial padlock as well. Some industrial padlocks can be jeopardized by bumping. Bumping is a lock-picking process that involves the use of a bump key. For a higher level of security, look for an industrial padlock that offers built-in protection against bumping.

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