5 Reasons Manufacturers Should Use Material Handling Magnets

Also known as a lifting magnet, a material handling magnet is a magnetically powered tool that’s used to lift, manipulate and move heavy loads. A type of electropermanent magnet, it uses an electrical current to activate and deactivate a magnetic field. For manufacturers, a material handling magnet is a smart invest that offers several noteworthy benefits. Here are five reasons manufacturers should use material handling magnets.

#1) Protects Workers From Injury

Manufacturers that use material handling magnets will likely experience fewer work-related injuries at their workplace than their competitors who don’t. This is because workers can easily lift and move heavy loads using this tool. Without a material handling magnet, workers would be forced to lift and move heavy loads manually, placing them at risk for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

#2) Streamlines Production Processes

Material handling magnets also streamline production processes for manufacturers. It can take hours for workers to manually move heavy loads, but a material handling magnet may allow them to perform this task in just minutes. A worker simply places the magnet over the load, at which point he or she can activate the device’s magnetic field to lift and manipulate the load.

#3) Supports Heavy Loads Weighing Thousands of Pounds

Many manufacturers are surprised to learn that material handling magnets can lift heavy loads weighing thousands of pounds. While some of the smaller portable magnets support just a few hundred pounds, the larger magnets — even those that are portable — support up to 13,200 pounds. From automotive engines to airplane fuselages, they are capable of lifting some pretty heavy objects.

#4) Requires Minimal Maintenance

There are other ways to automate the process of lifting and moving heavy loads, such as vacuum lifts, fork lifts and hydraulic lifting pads. All of these solutions are viable, but they require more work time and work to maintain than a material handling magnet. Since material handling magnets are magnetically powered, there aren’t any moving parts inside them that can break down. They should still be cleaned to ensure a smooth lifting surface, but they don’t require greasing, oiling or other types of maintenance commonly required with other types of lifting machines.

#5) Saves Space

Even with its ability to lift heavy loads weighing thousands of pounds, a material handling magnet won’t take up much space in a manufacturer’s workplace. At the end of the day, portable material handling magnets can be placed in an empty corner or underneath existing equipment to save space.