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  • How Gaskets Are Used in Automotive Engines

    How Gaskets Are Used in Automotive Engines0

    Gaskets are an important part of nearly all automotive engines. Consisting of a flat, precut piece of material, they are designed to seal mating surfaces. From cars and trucks to vans and tractor-trailers, most automotive engines have gaskets. There are typically several types of gaskets in a typical automotive engine, some of which include the

  • How Does a Rack and Pinion Press Work?

    How Does a Rack and Pinion Press Work?0

    Pressing is a common manufacturing process. It involves the use of a tool, known as a press, to apply pressure to a workpiece. Also known as stamping, it’s typically used in conjunction with sheet metal. Sheet metal can be placed inside of a press, after which it will be exposed to pressure. There are different

  • The Benefits of Custom-Molded Parts

    The Benefits of Custom-Molded Parts0

    When shopping for seals, gaskets, hoses, tubing and other machine parts, you can’t ignore the benefits of custom molding. Custom-molded parts are manufactured using a molding process. Injection molding, for instance, is often used to make custom-molded parts. With injection molding, heated material is injected into a mold cavity. As it cools, the material will

  • 5 Common Additive Manufacturing Processes

    5 Common Additive Manufacturing Processes0

    Additive manufacturing has become increasingly common in the manufacturing industry. Also known as 3D printing, it involves the addition of material to a substrate to build a three-dimensional object. With additive material, manufacturing companies can build custom-sized and custom-shaped objects from raw material. There are different types of additive manufacturing processes, however. Below are five

  • Zinc-Plated vs Galvanized Steel: What’s the Difference?

    Zinc-Plated vs Galvanized Steel: What’s the Difference?0

    Moisture can wreak havoc on many steel products. Products made of carbon steel, for instance, are susceptible to oxidation when exposed to moisture. As moisture settles on the surface of a carbon steel product, it can trigger a chemical reaction known as oxidation that eats through the material from which it’s made. To protect against

  • What Are Glides for Leveling Feet?

    What Are Glides for Leveling Feet?0

    Not all leveling feet are the same. Some of them feature different components than others. When shopping for leveling feet, you may discover that some of them have a circular-shaped piece of elastic material attached to the bottom. Known as glides, they live up to their namesake by allowing you to glide the leveling feet,