5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Refrigeration Lock

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Does your business have a commercial walk-in cooler or other cold-storage space? If so, you may want to buy a refrigeration lock for it. Refrigeration locks aren’t ordinary locks. As their name suggests, they are heavy-duty locks that are designed specifically for refrigerated spaces. This post explores five important things to consider when choosing a refrigeration lock.

#1) Material

Different refrigeration locks are made of different materials. You can then in several varieties of stainless steel, for example. Some refrigeration locks are made of 304 non-magnetic stainless steel, whereas other refrigeration locks are made of carbon steel or powder-coated steel.

#2) Fixed vs Adjustable Roller Strike

You should consider the type of roller strike when choosing a refrigeration lock. There are two primary types of roller strikes used with refrigeration locks: fixed and adjustable. Fixed roller strikes, of course, can’t be adjusted. You can’t move or otherwise adjust a fixed roller strike after installing it. Adjustable roller strikes, however, support adjustments. If you’re going to buy a refrigeration lock, you may discover that an adjustable roller strike offers a higher level of utility and ease of use because of its adjustable properties.

#3) Reversible Design

Something else to consider when choosing a refrigeration lock is whether or not it has a reversible design. A reversible design means that it can be used on left- or right-hand doors. Some refrigeration locks, as well as other locks and handles, are only designed for left-hand or right-right doors. You can’t use them on the opposite type of door. With a reversible design, this isn’t a concern. Refrigeration locks with a reversible design can be used on both left- and right-hand doors.

#4) Padlock Support

If you’re planning to use it in your business’s workplace, you may want to choose a refrigeration lock with padlock support. This feature, of course, will allow you to secure the refrigeration lock with a padlock. Refrigeration locks with padlock support typically have a hole in their body. After closing the refrigeration lock and latching it shut, you can place a padlock into this hole. With a padlock running through it, no one will be able to open the refrigeration lock — at least not without the padlock key.

#5) Installation

Of course, you should consider the installation method when choosing a refrigeration lock. Nearly all refrigeration locks are installed via screws. With that said, the type of screws they use may vary. When shopping for a refrigeration lock, check to see what type of screws it requires to install. You’ll need to secure these screws in order to mount and install the refrigeration lock in your business’s workplace.

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