5 Things to Consider When Choosing Dowel Pins

Alloy dowel pins by Monroe Engineering

Dowel pins, also known simply as dowels, are short cylindrical components that connect two or more objects. They are inserted into pre-cut holes, thus joining the objects. While all dowel pins are designed to join objects, they are available in many different types. Below are five important things to consider when choosing dowel pins.

#1) Material

You’ll need to consider the material when choosing dowel pins. Wooden dowel pins are typically used in furniture and woodworking applications, whereas metal dowel pins are typically used in machines and equipment. You can find metal dowel pins made of stainless steel, carbon steel and hardened alloy.

#2) Size

Dowel pins come in a wide range of different sizes. For a set of dowel pins to join two or more objects, they must feature the correct size. If a dowel pin is too long, you won’t be able to fully insert it into the objects. If it’s too short, on the other hand, the dowel pin may fail to hold the objects together. Evaluate the objects with which you intend to use them, and choose dowel pins in the correct size.

#3) Thread Type

You should also consider the thread type when choosing dowel pins. Dowel pins can have fine or coarse threading. Coarse threading means a dowel pin has fewer notches or pitches. In comparison, fine threading means a dowel pin has more notches or pitches. Which thread type should you choose? It really depends on the application. If you’re using them to join objects with fine threading, you should choose dowel pins with fine threading. For objects with coarse threading, conversely, you should choose dowel pins with coarse threading.

#4) Thread Size

In addition to the thread type, pay attention to the size of a dowel pin’s threading. Dowel pins are typically designed with threading in a specific size. Some of them have 1/16-inch threading. Others have 3/32-inch threading. As mentioned above, the threading of a dowel pin should match that of the objects with which you intend to use it.

#5) Customization

Finally, you may want to consider customization when choosing dowel pins. With customization, you won’t be restricted to any specific size. Rather, you can order a set of custom-sized dowel pins to achieve a perfect fit. Not all applications require the use of custom-sized dowel pins. If the objects feature standard and uniform threading, you might be able to use a set of standard dowel pins. For other applications, though, custom-sized dowel pins may be required.

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