The Beginner’s Guide to Power Grip Magnets

Power grip magnet by Monroe

When shopping for material handling magnets, you may come across power grip magnets. You can use them to easily lift and move ferromagnetic materials. Power grip magnets feature an ergonomic design that many workers prefer. While there are plenty of other material handling magnets available, though, power grip magnets offer several benefits.

What Are Power Grip Magnets

Power grip magnets are small and portable material handling magnets that feature a handle. You can toggle them on and off. After positioning a power grip magnet over a ferromagnetic workpiece, for instance, you can turn it on. The power grip magnet will then produce an ultra-strong magnetic field that lifts the workpiece. Turning the power grip magnet off, conversely, will disable its magnetic field while subsequently releasing the workpiece.

Benefits of Using Power Grip Magnets

Why should use power grip magnets exactly? With their small and portable design, they don’t require any special equipment to use. Other material handling magnets may require a lifting crane. Power grip magnets, however, are small and lightweight enough to use without a lifting crane.

If you regularly work with sharp or jagged metal workpieces, you may want to use power grip magnets. Lacerations can occur when handling sharp or jagged workpieces. Power grip magnets can protect you from injuries such as these. With a power grip magnet, you can lift and move workpieces without actually touching them. Instead of picking up a workpiece with your hands, you can use a power grip magnet.

Power grip magnets are heat resistant. Why does this matter? With their heat-resistant properties, you can use power grip magnets on hot workpieces. Touching a hot workpiece with your bare hands may result in a burn. A power grip magnet will allow you to safely lift hot workpieces without touching them.

You can use power grip magnets on uneven surfaces. Sheet metal will typically have a smooth and even surface. But pipes, cylinders and other types of workpieces may have an uneven surface. Even if the surface is uneven, you should be able to lift it using a power grip magnet. Power grip magnets work for all types of surfaces.

In Conclusion

Power grip magnets make it easy to lift and move workpieces. As long as a workpiece is made of a ferromagnetic material, it will support power grip magnets. Power grip magnets are heavy-duty material handling magnets with a handle.

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