6 Practical Uses for Assist Handles

Assist handle

Assist handles are commonly found in residential homes and commercial buildings alike. Also known as grab bars, these metal bars are designed to support and “assist” the user. Below are six practical uses for assist handles.

#1) Tall Vehicles

If you own a tall vehicle, you may want to install an assist handle on it so that you can get in and out more easily. Tall vehicles, such as trucks, often have one or more side sides. With an assist handle, however, you’ll have something to hold as you climb in and out.

#2) Public Transportation

Assist handles are commonly used in public transportation. Buses and trains, for instance, may feature them in areas where passengers are allowed to stand. Passengers can grab a nearby assist handle to stabilize and support themselves during the trip.

#3) Doors and Gates

They may not look like ordinary door handles, but you can install assist handles on the front of doors and gates. These durable metal bars offer a quick and easy way to open hinged surfaces such as these. You can mount an assist handle to the front of a door or gate using a set of threaded fasteners. Once mounted, you can grab and pull the assist handle to open the respective hinged surface.

#4) Slip-and-Fall Prevention

One of the most common uses for assist handles is to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the leading causes of work-related injury. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly a half-million workers in the United States experience a slip-and-fall injury in any given year. With assist handles installed nearby, however, workers are less likely to suffer from this common injury.

#5) Access Panels

In addition to doors and gates, assist panels can be used to open access panels. Access panels are panels that, as the name suggests, provide access to a specific part or space. Industrial machinery often has access panels. While some access panels already have handles on them, others don’t. You can mount an assist panel on the front of an access panel to open it.

#6) Mobility Aid

Assist handles serve as a mobility aid. They provide support and stability for people who are living with limited mobility. As a result, assist handles help these individuals safely navigate bathrooms, stairways, hallways and other spaces. These are just a few practical uses for assist handles.

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