6 Reasons to Choose an Aluminum Crank Handle

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You can’t go wrong with an aluminum crank handle. Crank handles are commonly used to control machines and equipment. Also known as crank arms, they provide a rotational force for the machine or equipment with which they are used. While crank handles are available in a variety of materials, however, aluminum is one of the most popular. Here are several reasons to consider an aluminum crank handle.

#1) Corrosion Resistant

You don’t have to worry about an aluminum crank handle succumbing to rust. Aluminum is known for its rust-resistant properties. Since it doesn’t contain iron, it can’t rust. Only iron and iron alloys can rust. With its corrosion-resistant properties, you can use an aluminum crank handle indoors or outdoors.

#2) Powder Coated

Some aluminum crank handles are powder coated. They are still made of aluminum, but they feature a powder-coated exterior. What’s the purpose of the powder-coated exterior? The powder particles are essentially plastic. Therefore, powder-coated aluminum crank handles offer a softer, more ergonomic feel than their plain-aluminum counterparts. The powder-coated exterior also protects the underlying aluminum from damage.

#3) Lightweight

Powder-coated crank handles are lightweight. Aluminum is a lightweight metal. It weighs less than many other types of metals and alloys, including steel. If you’re tired of using a heavy crank handle to control a machine or piece of equipment, you may want to switch to an aluminum crank handle.

#4) Available in Fold-A-Way Styles

Aluminum crank handles are available in Fold-A-Way styles. They are characterized by a collapsable design to save space. When you are finished using a Fold-A-Way crank handle, you can collapse the handle. Other types of crank handles feature a stiff, non-collapsable handle that takes up more space.

#5) Ream vs Square Bore

You can choose from a ream or square bore when ordering an aluminum crank handle. A ream bore means the aluminum crank handle has a circular hole. A square bore, as the name suggests, means the aluminum crank handle has a square hole. Choose a bore type that matches the equipment or machine with which you intend to use the aluminum crank handle.

#6) Aesthetic Appeal

There’s a certain aesthetic appeal associated with aluminum crank handles. They boast a sleek and modern appearance that’s not found in other materials. Along with their corrosion-resistant properties, powder-coated exterior, lightweight construction, Fold-A-Way styles and multiple bore types, this one more reason to consider an aluminum crank handle.

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