Tesla to Develop Zero-Emissions Manufacturing Facility

car-1209912_960_720Tesla Motors, one of the world’s leading makers of electric cars, electric powertrains and batteries, has announced plans to develop a zero-emissions manufacturing facility.

Dubbed the “Gigafactory,” the revolutionary new manufacturing facility isn’t just environmentally friendly; it’s also big, very big. According to Tesla, it can house roughly one hundred full-sized 747 aircraft, parked wing to wing. That would make it one of the company’s largest manufacturing facilities, assuming it’s build according to plan.

But the real beauty of Tesla’s Gigafactory is its bold initiative to produce zero emissions. Manufacturing plays an important role in our nation’s economy, creating jobs and subsequently products for export. As a byproduct of this process, however, emissions are often released into the atmosphere, some of which can harm the environment.

In a statement to the press, Elon Musk said the upcoming Gigafactory will create and give back as much energy to the power grid as it takes. Additionally, the company’s Gigafactory will not pollute the environment, be it air, land, ground or water. Known as “carbon neutral,” this is a first of its kind, as many manufacturing professionals have previously said this was impossible to accomplish.

The benefits of Tesla’s new Gigafactory don’t end there, however. The company believes the zero-emission manufacturing facility will increase production output — and not by just a small margin. Tesla says Gigafactory will increase manufacturing output for batteries by 500 to 1,000%, which is pretty impressive to say the least. Tesla plans to accomplish this enormous productivity increase by focusing on clockspeed and density, which are the same principles surrounding the general manufacturing industry.

We consider [the factory] to be a product. The factory itself is the machine that builds the machine. It actually deserves more attention from creative problem solving engineers than the product that it makes,” said Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk.

Last but not least, Tesla’s Gigafactory will be highly energy efficient. Many manufacturing companies have emphasized the importance of energy efficiency in recent years, developing policies and strategies to minimize their energy usage. Tesla appears to be heading in this direction, as it makes the transition to sustainable energy.

What makes Tesla different, however, is its focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Perhaps this will pave the way for other companies to follow.

What do you think of Tesla’s plans to develop a new zero-emissions manufacturing facility?


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