All you need to know about High-temperature fasteners

High-temperature fasteners are fasteners that are specifically designed to take on high temperatures. Regular fasteners melt when their temperatures reach 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or more. These high temperatures typically cause oxidation, which is corrosion or rusting in regular fasteners. High-temperature fasteners are designed to withstand extreme heat without damage.

High-temperature fasteners are usually made from the following alloys:

  • Nickel Alloy

Nickel has excellent oxidation resistance and can survive temperatures as high as 1800-2000 degrees.

  • Stainless Steel 630

This steel has excellent strength and hardness made to withstand high temperatures.

  • A-286 Alloy

This alloy is durable and hardens with age. It also has oxidation resistance and can face temperatures as high as 1300 degrees.

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