How Do Leveling Mounts Work

lps-190pAlthough small in size, leveling mounts are an important component used in a wide variety of applications. From industrial machines and equipment to cabinetry, shelving and more, you can find them just about everywhere. As you see in the image to the right, however, leveling mounts have a simple design. So, what benefits do they offer and how exactly do they work? These are just a few of the questions that we’re going to answer in today’s blog post.

Leveling mounts live up to their namesake by creating a level surface on which to mount a machine or object. More specifically, they provide a level and stable base for the respective machine or object. This is important because it reduces the risk of injury while also reducing unnatural wear and noise. An industrial machine, for instance, may produce significant vibrations — and too many of these vibrations could result in the machine tipping over, potentially injuring workers or other nearby individuals. Placing the industrial machine on leveling pads works to reduce vibrations and noise, which subsequently creating a safer working environment. Of course, this is just one of the many benefits associated with using leveling mounts.

In addition to creating a safer environment for workers, leveling mounts can also prolong the life of industrial machines and equipment. Again, this is due to their ability to absorb and minimize vibrations. When industrial machines vibrate, it often produces unnatural wear and tear, shortening the machine’s overall lifespan. The machine may break down and/or need more frequent repairs as a result of the unnatural wear and tear caused by the excessive vibrations. Leveling mounts, however, protect against this phenomenon,

Here are some things to consider when choosing leveling mounts:

  • Material of construction. Leveling mounts are made in a variety of different materials, some of which include steel, stainless steel, plastic and zinc, each of which has its own unique characteristics and properties.
  • Vibration. While all leveling mounts can reduce vibrations, some are more effective at reducing vibrations than others. Choose one of these anti-vibration leveling mounts if you intend to use it for this purpose.
  • Adjustable or fixed. Adjustable leveling mounts can be adjusted to different heights, allowing for greater flexibility and versatility.
  • Manufacturer. Of course, you should also consider the manufacturer when choosing leveling mounts. A reputable manufacturer ensures a high-quality product that’s sure to meet your specific needs.

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