An Introduction to Eye Screws and How They Work

Screws are one of the world’s most popular and commonly used types of fasteners. Not to be confused with bolts, they feature a pointed tip with external threading. Screws are designed to fasten two or more surfaces through the removal of material. The external threading will essentially dig out material, thereby joining the two surfaces together. There are many different types of screws, however. While you’re probably familiar with wood and sheet metal screws, a lesser-known type is an eye screw.

What Is an Eye Screw?

Also known as a screw eye, an eye screw is a unique type of screw that’s characterized by the use of a looped hoop. Most screws, of course, have a flat head or a Philips head. Flat-head screws can be fastened with a flat-head screwdriver, whereas Philips head screws require the use of a Philips-head screwdriver. Eye screws are different because they feature a looped head that can’t be fastened with a traditional screwdriver.

As shown in the photo above, eye screws consist of a looped head affixed to a vertical section of exterior threading. They are used primarily in hanging-related applications. In homes, eye screws are used to hang pictures, photos and decorations. In workplaces, they are used to hang to document storage solutions, tools and other small and lightweight items.

How Eye Screws Work

Eye screws work using a simple design that leverages their looped head. Once an eye screw has been driven into a wall, it can be used to support hanging objects and items. If an object or item has a clip or string attached, it can be hung on an eye screw.

Without a traditional head, though, eye screws can’t be driven into a wall with a traditional screwdriver. They don’t have a Philips head, nor do they have a flat head. Eye screws have a looped head that makes them more time-consuming to install. Installation typically involves drilling a pilot hole into the wall, followed by manually twisting the eye screw into the pilot hole.

In Conclusion

An eye screw is a type of screw that’s defined by its looped head. They are used primarily for hanging small items and objects. Eye screws are available in different sizes. Some of them have longer threading or a larger head than others. You can also find them available in different materials, including steel, aluminum, copper and titanium. Regardless, all eye screws have a looped head, which is their defining feature.

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