How American Manufacturing Will Change in the Upcoming Years

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American Manufacturing Grows to Near-Fastest Pace In More Than a Decade

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2017 Was Best Year for American Manufacturing Since 2004

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Samsung Opens First US Appliance Manufacturing Facility

Samsung has opened its first appliance manufacturing facility in the United States. Originally founded March 1, 1938, Samsung is a South Korean company that produces a wide range of products, some of which include smartphones, televisions, automotive components, chemicals, computers, … Read More

American Manufacturing Picks Up

Even with recent slumps attributed to Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, the American manufacturing industry continues to make strong gains. This isn’t just a sudden “surge,” either. On the contrary, analysts expect the American manufacturing industry to continue making these … Read More

Exploring the Benefits of a Manufacturing Execution System

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What is Prefabrication? Get the Facts

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