What Are Non-Ferrous Metals?

Many different metals, as well as alloys, are classified as non-ferrous. Even if you’re unfamiliar with them, you’ve probably encountered non-ferrous metals before. They are used in countless consumer and commercial applications. What are non-ferrous metals exactly? Overview of Non-Ferrous … Read More

An Introduction to Austenitic Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is often classified by its crystalline structure. When inspecting stainless steel under a microscope, you’ll see an array of crystals. There are four primary types of crystalline structures including ferric, martensitic, duplex and austenitic. Of those four types, … Read More

Galvanized Steel: An Introduction To This Common Alloy

Steel is found in countless consumer and commercial products. It’s used to make everything from cutting tools and die sets to bridges, buildings, fasters, furniture and more. In the United States, over 80 million tons of steel are produced annually. … Read More

What Are Ferrous Metals? Get the Facts

Metals can typically be classified as either ferrous or non-ferrous depending on their composition. All metals are comprised of metallic elements that form positive ions and possess metallic bonds. Their composition, however, varies depending on the type. To learn more … Read More

What Products Are Made of Carbon Steel?

When most people think of steel, they envision stainless steel. Consisting of an iron alloy with at least 11% chromium, it’s a versatile material that’s used in the production of countless products. However, not all products are made of stainless … Read More

What are the Different Types of Steel

The Four Types of Steel Steel is a combination of two elements, iron and carbon. Steel are broken is broken into four types and then in those types steel is broken down into grades. There are four main types of … Read More

5 Key Advantages of Titanium in Manufacturing

Named after the Titans in Greek mythology, titanium is a lustrous metal with the atomic number 22. It’s used in the manufacturing industry to make everything from motorcycle and space shuttle components to fasteners, jewelry and internal prosthetics. Titanium may … Read More

Comparing 300, 400 and 500 Series Steel

Steel is an invaluable material that’s used in the production of countless products. Defined as an alloy of iron and carbon, it’s stronger and more durable than most other materials. These physical characteristics make it ideal for automotive engines, machines, … Read More

How to Protect Aluminum From Corrosion

How to Protect Aluminum From Corrosion Updated September 14, 2020 Accounting for about 8% of all elements in the Earth’s crust, aluminum is a common metal that’s used to make a variety of products. You can find aluminum in automobiles, … Read More