Common Bolts for Your Projects

At Fasteners Inc. we want to make sure that you are getting the right tools for the right job. That’s why we’ve decided to help out bolt-interested people by making a short list of common bolts and their uses. Bolts are threaded just like screws, but they require a nut in order for them to lock in place. For this reason, we suggest using bolts for projects that you may want to disassemble later on. These fasteners are great because they won’t be shaken loose by shaking or vibrations—they are so good at what they do that they are used in cars, and concrete forms.

Common Bolts and Their Uses

Carriage Bolts

These are available in both round and flat style. They are ideal in fastening woods to metal. They can also be used in affixing pieces of wood together, while some specialty options will work well for putting together metals.

Elevator Bolts

These are most commonly used in elevators and all sorts of mechanical systems that raise and lower things. They are also commonly used in conveyer belts and vehicles. Their large heads give them added surface area to help stop them from breaking through the base metal.

Frame Bolts

These are most commonly used in truck frames. They have a flange which omits the need for a washer and helps to keep everything together when holes are misaligned. They are extremely good at their jobs, since they have many time the bearing of a standard hex bolt.

Hanger Bolts

These bolts are special in that they are threaded on both sides, one side being a lag screw thread and the other a machine screw end. They are meant for predrilled holes in overhead situations.

Hex Bolts

Possibly the most common of all bolts, hex bolts must be used with a washer and a nut in order to get the full stability needed for most applications. They are usually used with wood projects, but their large variability makes them a good choice for just about any project.

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Picking the right bolt for your project can be difficult. Give us a call based on your location in Denver or Grand Junction. If you are interested in reading more about the specialty fastening that you can order from us, or how we can help you find the right tools for your job, explore our specialized blog pages.

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