Do you need a mechanical or chemical fastener for your construction project?

No matter what type of construction project you may be working on, it is important you select the right fastener. If chosen carefully, the right fastener should create a strong structure that meets all the demands of the project. For the majority of construction projects, there is a choice of either a mechanical or chemical fastener. Both fasteners have unique characteristics that affect their suitability for different projects.

The following information should help you make the decision between a mechanical or chemical fastener:


Mechanical fasteners can be applied with ease and on almost any surface. For chemical fasteners, loads can only be applied after the surface has dried. After applying the chemical fastener, there may also be additional time needed to allow the chemical to stick. During cold periods or winter months, the chemical adhesive of the fastener may take even longer to apply, lengthening the construction period.


Mechanical fasteners have lower flexibility compared to chemical fasteners because they are of predetermined sizes. They must fit into the holes of the surfaces where they are applied or inserted. Chemical fasteners can be applied with limitless embedded depth or width which makes them much more flexible to use.


During the application of mechanical fasteners, a gap could potentially be left between the fastener and the base material. This gap may create potential water leakages that affect the quality of the finished project. Chemical fasteners, on the other hand, fill all gaps and voids created between the base material and fastener ensuring a waterproof surface. If the project’s waterproof requirements are high, chemical fasteners are a better option.



Chemical fasteners are often more expensive than mechanical fasteners. Besides the cost of the fasteners, chemical fasteners may require additional setting equipment which must be considered in the overall costs. For this reason, mechanical fasteners are often the more cost-effective option.

Still unsure whether a mechanical or chemical fastener is right for you?

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