Eliminate Workpiece Slippage With Toggle Pads

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Not all workpieces have flat, even surfaces. Regardless of the material from which they are made, you may encounter workpieces with uneven surfaces. Unfortunately, securing them in place can be difficult. Even if you use a high-quality toggle clamp, the workpiece may slip. There are toggle pads, however, that can prevent your workpieces from slipping.

The Basics of Toggle Pads

Toggle pads are clamping pads that are designed for use with uneven workpieces. As shown in the adjacent photo, they feature a threaded base that’s connected to a flat pad. The flat pad will press against the workpiece with which the toggle pads are used, whereas the threaded base will be mounted to the clamping tool.

Clamping tools are commonly used to secure workpieces. Toggle clamps, for instance, have a lever that, when pressed, will drop a clamping pad onto the workpiece. Toggle pads are clamping pads for these tools. Toggle pads are able to swivel so that they will secure both even and uneven workpieces.

How Toggle Pads Work

Toggle pads work by automatically aligning and leveling themselves. Clamping tools, of course, feature a standard pad. You can use a clamping tool to secure workpieces. As the clamping tool’s pad presses down on the workpiece, it will hold the workpiece in place.

The problem with standard pads, though, is that leave uneven workpieces susceptible to slippage. They typically work fine for even workpieces. But attempting to use a standard clamping pad on an uneven workpiece may result in slippage. The workpiece may slip out of the standard pad. If this occurs while you are working on the workpiece, it may lead to damage or bodily injury.

Toggle pads offer a solution. While standard clamping pads typically only work with even workpieces, toggle pads are designed for uneven workpieces. They work by offering a 10-degree angle of movement. In other words, toggle pads will move up to 10 degrees as they press against workpieces. With their 10-degree angle of movement, toggle pads are self-aligning and self-leveling.

The 2 Types of Toggle Pads

There are two primary types of toggle pads: Type TP and and type NS. You can use either of them with uneven workpieces. Type TP and type NS toggle pads both support uneven workpieces, and they will both swivel 10 degrees.

Type TP toggle pads have a smaller threaded base than type NS toggle pads. The threaded base consists of a nut that’s connected to the swiveling pad. You can find toggle pads in different materials and finishes, but most of them feature a type TP or type NS design.

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