Employee of the Month: Christa VerWayne

Congratulations to Christa VerWayne for November 2023!!


Christa is one of the kindest and most genuine human beings I have ever met on both a personal and professional level.

Her level of knowledge, dedication, and drive coupled with her overall kindhearted demeanor, professionalism, and willingness to help truly makes her a OneMonroe MACHINE!

One of my favorite things about Christa is that she has a genuine desire to do whatever it takes to help. Whether it’s helping people or helping on a project – Christa has a great listening ear and is someone who is willing to roll up her sleeves to do whatever it takes to be part of the solution.

To say that I love having Christa as part the IT team is an understatement – she is truly a pleasure to work with side by side each day – Rob Egerton

Christa is a true OneMonroe employee. When you look at what she does & all the groups she works with I cannot think of anyone that embodies the OneMonroe philosophy of “How Can We Help” anymore than she does. I have seen this firsthand with not only my questions but also with how she handles issues that arise within all the different groups. I’m sure any location that has gone through a TBE implementation knows there is a lot of work that goes into the process, but I’m not sure people truly understand the time she spends trying to make things as smooth as possible. I have been able to see firsthand the long hours she puts in, not only before we go-live, but also during the implementation week. She is not only the first one on location & last one to leave typically but she is also working late hours at the hotel trying to fix any issues that come up during the day. No ERP system is perfect & changing from one to another is never fun, but hopefully we can all appreciate the care she puts into each business unit helping to make OneMonroe stronger every day! – Tim Presley

Christa makes every single location run smoother with her expertise in TBE and her ability to understand the root of a problem. Her listening and comprehension skills are unmatched. When she goes to a new location, she makes everyone feel comfortable and like they are the most important person in the room.
Christa’s flexibility and work ethic far exceed the norm as does her kindness and empathy.
She has been instrumental in advancing Monroe forward to be more connected as a company and bringing together new and old locations. – Robin Nichols

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