Exploring the Different Types of Eye Bolts

Eye bolts offer a convenient anchoring solution. Like all bolts, they feature a threaded body known as a shank. Eye bolts are distinguished from traditional bolts, however, by their looped head. While traditional bolts feature a solid head — the head typically has a recess or hexagonal shape — eye bolts have a looped head. Here are some of the most common types of eye bolts.

Forged Eye Bolts

Forged eye bolts are characterized by their forged construction. They are made by shaping raw metal under compressive forces, such as a power hammer. Forged eye bolts are typically stronger and better protected against impact-related damage than other types of eye bolts.

Shoulder Eye Bolts

Some eye bolts have a small lip or rim around their looped head. Known as shoulder eye bolts, they offer load distribution. The lip or rim will distribute the load against the surface in which the shoulder eye bolt is installed. It acts like a washer. As you drive the shoulder eye bolt into a surface, such as a wall, the lip or rim will distribute the load.

Screw Eye Bolts

There are also screw eye bolts. Screw eye bolts feature a pointed tip similar to that of a screw. They still feature a looped head and a threaded shank. Screw eye bolts, however, feature a pointed tip, whereas other types of eye bolts feature a flat tip.

What’s the purpose of their pointed tip exactly? With a pointed tip, you can install screw eye bolts by hand. Just press the pointed tip against the wall or surface, after which you can twist the screw eye bolt into place. The pointed tip will allow it to dig into the wall or surface.

Bent Eye Bolts

You may come across bent eye bolts. They receive their namesake from their bent head. Other types of eye bolts have a complete, closed-off head that’s looped into their shank. Bent eye bolts, in comparison, have a bent head. The head is bent during production to achieve a looped shape.

Swivel Eye Bolts

Swivel eye bolts are characterized by their ability to rotate or swivel. They feature a looped head that’s connected to a threaded body or shank via a swivel mechanism. Swivel eye bolts are commonly used in lifting and rigging applications. The swivel mechanism will allow the load to spin without tangling the chain or line to which the swivel eye bolt is attached.

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