How to Choose Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hook by Monroe Engineering

Are you planning to buy magnetic hooks? Whether for your home or place of business, magnetic hooks are an attractive alternative to conventional hooks. They serve the same purpose of allowing you to hang objects from a wall or surface. The difference is that conventional hooks require the use of fasteners to install, whereas magnetic hooks do not. You can install a magnetic hook simply by placing it against a stud-backed wall or another metal surface.

Type of Magnet

You should consider the magnet type when choosing magnetic hooks. All magnetic hooks, of course, feature a magnet. The magnet is typically found within the flat base of a magnetic hook that’s placed against a wall or surface. With that said, some of them feature different types of magnets than others.

Permanent magnets are typically used in magnetic hooks. Unlike temporary magnets, permanent magnets constantly produce a magnetic field — and there’s no way to turn off this magnetic field. An example of a permanent magnet is neodymium. Neodynium magnets are among the strongest types of permanent magnets, making them ideal for use in magnetic hooks.

Load Capacity

Don’t forget to consider the load capacity when choosing magnetic hooks. Assuming they feature a strong permanent magnet, such as a neodymium magnet, magnetic hooks are capable of supporting large objects. Nonetheless, they can only withstand so much weight until they fall from the wall or surface on which they are placed.

Load capacity is a measurement of how much weight a magnetic hook can support. Some magnetic hooks have a load capacity of nine pounds, whereas others have a load capacity of 15 or 20 pounds. Think about what type of objects you intend to hang from them, as well as how much those objects weigh. You can then choose magnetic hooks with a load capacity that’s capable of supporting them.

Hook Design

Check the hook design when choosing magnetic hooks. All magnetic hooks, of course, have a hook. With that said, the way in which the hook is designed may vary. Most magnetic hooks feature a basic hook design consisting of an angled arm or branch that extends from the base. Others, though, feature a two-pronged hook design. WHen choosing magnetic hooks, you should consider the way in which the hook is designed. By taking into considering the magnet type, load capacity and hook design, you can choose the perfect magnetic hooks for your home or place of business.