US Manufacturing Expands for Fifth Consecutive Month

I think it’s safe to say the United States manufacturing industry has rebounded, as new reports indicate that U.S.-based factories have expanded for the fifth consecutive month in July. There’s been some concern among manufacturers in recent years, largely because … Read More

Benefits of Aluminum: What You Should Know

Aluminum is a versatile, naturally occurring metal that’s characterized by a silvery-white color and soft texture. In terms of abundance, it’s the third most common element in the Earth’s crust (oxygen and silicon being #1 and #2 respectively). Furthermore, roughly … Read More

German Auto Parts Supplier to Open First Factory in US

One of Germany’s leading auto suppliers has announced plans to build its first North American manufacturing plant. Gerhardi Kuntstofftechnik made the announcement earlier this week, saying it plans to invest nearly $40 million into building a manufacturing facility in Montgomery, … Read More

Study Reveals Ideal Workplace Temperature

At what temperature is your workplace’s thermostat set? It may sound insignificant, but there’s new evidence suggesting that the temperature of a workplace will affect workers’ productivity. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad found that workers are more … Read More

American Manufacturing Experiences Strong Growth in June

June was a great month for U.S. manufacturing, with the industry reporting strong growth amidst concerns by investors. According to a report published by the Institute for Supply Management, the country’s manufacturing index increased from 51.3 in May to a … Read More

President Obama Announces New Manufacturing Initiative

President Barack Obama has announced the creation of a new initiative that aims to improve and grow the country’s existing manufacturing industry through “smart manufacturing.” When speaking at the annual SelectUSA Summit, President Obama said the government will provide some … Read More

What’s the Difference Between Bolts, Screws and Studs

Bolts, screws and studs are used extensively in the manufacturing industry. Although similar in appearance, however, each item has its own unique purpose and characteristics. To learn more about the nuances between bolts, screws and studs — and which one … Read More

US Manufacturing Rebounds with Strong Growth

There’s been some concern among economists in recent months, fearing the United States’ manufacturing industry would continue to decline. While the industry has experienced somewhat stagnant growth as of late, it appears this trend has since reversed. According to the … Read More

What is ‘Manufacturing Overhead?’

If you work in the manufacturing industry, either as an employee, independent contractor or business owner, you’ve probably heard of the term “overhead” at some point in time. By calculating manufacturing overhead, you’ll have an easier time reducing unnecessary expenses … Read More