President Obama Signs The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act Into Law

nasa-manufacturing-01The nation’s manufacturing industry received a boost of confidence last month, when President Obama signed the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act into law. Proponents of the law say it help the middle-class by developing new jobs while expanding existing industries.

So, what does this the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act entitle? Among other things, it requires the president to create a national strategy for bolstering the manufacturing industry every four years, with the first strategy being created in 2018. This would essentially promote market competitiveness, focusing on areas such as research and development and industry expansion. The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act also aims to improve cooperation between governments and private manufacturing companies, as well as the evaluations of these companies.

One of the problems currently plaguing the country’s manufacturing industry is a disconnect between private companies and state and federal governments. The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act aims to break down these barriers, creating stronger relationships between these entities. It will create new platform on which manufacturing companies can submit feedback regarding government rules and regulations. If a company has questions or concerns regarding a state or federal oversight in their respective industry, for instance, they can submit feedback through this new platform.

Republican Adam Kinzinger and Democrat Dan Lipinski co-sponsored the bill, which later became part of House Resolution 83, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015. However, it wasn’t until last December when President Obama gave the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act the green light by signing it into law.

I’m proud to see this important piece of legislation signed into law,” Kinzinger said in a statement. “The United States simply cannot afford to continue to lose manufacturing jobs to other countries. The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act will help us use the resources we already have to put us back on top and create new middle-class jobs. This is a major victory for manufacturing hubs such as the Rockford area, the middle class and our economy as a whole.”

The American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act is a promising sign of our nation’s emphasis on the manufacturing industry. It will create new jobs, improve relations between companies and the government, and promote change.

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