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The Benefits of Gas Springs: What You Should Know

Gas springs have become a popular alternative to traditional coil-based springs. Also known as pneumatic springs, they consist of a gas-filled cylinder with a piston attached to the end. The piston is extended by default. When exposed to a compressive … Read More

What Are Flat Springs and How Do They Work?

When most people think of springs, they envision pieces of coiled metal. There are extension springs and compression springs, both of which consist of a single piece of coiled metal. Extension springs simply create a pulling force from their respective … Read More

The Beginner’s Guide to Compression Springs

Of all the different types of springs, compression is the most common. They consist of a single piece of coiled metal in a helical shape. They are known as “compression springs” because they apply a compressive force. Even if you’ve … Read More

4 Common Types of Coil Springs

Springs can be classified as either coil or non-coil, depending on their design. Coil springs live up to their namesake by featuring a coiled design. They are typically made of a single strand of metal that follows a helical path, … Read More

Mechanical Springs vs Gas Springs

When most people hear the word “spring,” they envision a coiled piece of metal that’s able to retract under pressure, followed by bouncing back to its normal state after the pressure has been released. While this is a common way … Read More