The Beginner’s Guide to Wing Knobs

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Industrial knobs are available in a wide variety of styles. One of the most popular styles in which they are made of wing. Wing knobs are commonly used to adjust machinery Like other styles of industrial knobs, you can turn them to tighten or loosen the parts to which they are connected.

Overview of Wing Knobs

Wing knobs are industrial knobs that feature a wing-shaped design. They aren’t round, nor are they star-shaped. As their name suggests, wing knobs feature wings.

The gripping surfaces on a wing knob are the wings. Most wing knobs feature a single handle that extends across the top of the machine or device with which it’s used. The left and right sides of this handle are the wing.

Benefits of Wing Knobs

When compared to other types of industrial knobs, wing knobs offer several benefits. They are easy to grip. They feature an ergonomic design that will rest comfortably in your hands. Some wing knobs are even textured so that they don’t slip when held. And because they are easy to grip, wing knobs are easy to turn.

Wing knobs are also smaller than many other types of industrial knobs. They don’t consume a lot of space. If you’re looking for a knob to use in a small space that’s difficult to access, you may want to choose a wing knob.

Tips on Choosing Wing Knobs

There are studded and tapped wing knobs. Studded wing knobs feature a threaded rod. You can connect them to machines or objects that have a threaded hole. Tapped wing knobs, on the other hand, feature a threaded hole. They are designed for use with machines or objects that have a threaded rod.

Some tapped wing nuts feature continuous threading. Continuous threading means that the threaded hole runs entirely through the center of the tapped wing nut. With standard tapped wing nuts, the threading stops at the top. Continuous is an alternative stye in which the threaded hole runs completely through the center.

Different wing nuts are made of different materials. Most of them are made of plastic. Plastic wing nuts are lightweight, durable and ergonomic. With that said, the insert will likely be made of a different material. The threaded rod or threaded hole, for example, is typically made of metal. Common materials used to make inserts include brass, stainless steel and carbon steel.

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