The Benefits of Music Wire Springs

Music wire spring by Monroe

When shopping for springs, you may stumble upon music wire springs. Springs are often categorized according to the material from which they are made. Some springs are made of plastic, whereas others are made of music wire. Music wire springs offer several benefits that make them a popular choice.

What Is Music Wire?

Music wire is a type of high-carbon steel. It receives its namesake from its use in musical instruments. Pianos, for instance, typically feature music wire. Music wire is simply high-carbon steel in the form of wire. While commonly used in pianos and other musical instruments, though, you can find springs made of music wire as well. What are the benefits of music wire springs?

Superior Strength

Music wire springs offer a superior level of strength when compared to other types of springs. They are made of music wire, which is a type of high-carbon steel. As the carbon content of steel increases, so does its strength. Music wire springs are incredibly strong because they contain a higher carbon content than that of other types of steel springs.

Heat Resistant

Not only are they strong, but music wire springs are also heat resistant. They can withstand hot temperatures without succumbing to damage or deformation. For applications involving heat, you may want to choose a music wire spring for this reason. Other types of steel springs may deform or break under the stress of heat, but music wire springs are naturally heat resistant.

High Elasticity

While strong and heat resistant, music wire springs are still very elastic. Elasticity, of course, is necessary for a spring to perform its intended function. Springs are designed to store mechanical energy. When exposed to either a pulling or pushing force, springs will store energy. Compression springs will compress, whereas extension springs will extend. Regardless, compression and extension springs need to be elastic. Springs made of music wire are highly elastic, so they can easily compress or extend when exposed to a force.


Music wire springs are long-lasting. Thanks to the resilient properties of music wire, they can last for many years. Music wire springs will continue to compress or extend, and they’ll revert back to their original shape after the force has been removed from them. The bottom line is that music wire springs are long-lasting. Along with their superior strength, heat-resistant properties and high elasticity, this is one more reason to choose music wire springs.

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