The benefits of using furniture cam lock systems

In wood joinery, cam lock nuts and special lock screws and connecting bolts are alternatives to traditional wood and adhesive joints. They’re often used with prefabricated fiberboard and wood furniture pieces, which are commonly known as “ready-to-assemble,” “knock-down” and “flat-pack” kits.

  • You don’t need special tools for assembly. You only need a soft-head mallet and a cross-head screwdriver.
  • Creating a solid joint with a cam lock nut and screw/bolt requires little physical effort. You merely slide or hammer the nut into a pre-drilled hole, insert the screw/bolt and then turn the nut using a screwdriver.
  • Disassembling furniture isn’t difficult. You turn each lock nut in the direction opposite to the one you used during assembly and then pull apart the fiberboard or wood pieces.
  • Material damage from over-tightening a cam lock system is easy to repair with a small amount of wood putty.

Whether you need joinery-style fasteners for a commercial, industrial or residential project, our Fasteners Inc. team can provide you with a wide range of options. We have two convenient locations in Denver and Grand Junction. For more information about cam lock and other joint fastening systems, call or stop by today.

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