Top 5 Benefits of Omni Wheels

Omni wheel by Monroe Engineering

Have you heard of omni wheels? Short for omni-directional wheels, they are commonly used as an alternative to casters. Most casters use traditional swivel-mount wheels. Omni wheels use a different design without swivel-mount wheels. Omni wheels feature small rollers embedded around their circumference. Each of the rollers is placed perpendicular to the direction in which the omni wheels turn. Here are the top five benefits of omni wheels.

#1) 360-Degree Movement

They are known as “omni wheels” because they are capable of turning and moving in 360 degrees. They don’t actually swivel, nor do they turn. As previously mentioned, omni wheels feature rollers that are perpendicular to the direction of their main wheels. This unique design allows for 360-degree movement. They can roll to the front, back, left and right — all without swiveling.

#2) Durable

Omni wheels are incredibly durable. They are typically constructed of high-quality polymer. Unlike metals, polymers are completely resistant to rust and corrosion. At the same time, polymers can withstand extreme force without sustaining physical damage. The durable properties of omni wheels is just one more reason to choose them instead of traditional swivel-mount wheels.

#3) Easy to Mount

You shouldn’t have trouble mounting omni wheels. They are easy to mount thanks to their unique design. Omni wheels don’t feature a housing frame. Casters, of course, consist of one or more wheels within a housing frame, which makes them more difficult to mount. Omni wheels are simply wheels with rollers on them. You can easily mount them on machines or equipment.

#4) Stabilizes Load

Omni wheels offer load stability. They are designed to offer a static load center relative to their base. Other types of wheels may or may not offer this same level of load stability. Swivel-mount wheels, for instance, typically don’t offer load stability. For a stabilized load in which the weight is evenly distributed, you should consider choosing omni wheels.

#5) Customization

Another benefit of omni wheels is customization. They support custom shapes and sizes. You aren’t restricted to choosing omni wheels in fixed shapes and sizes. Rather, you can order custom omni wheels that are designed specifically for your intended application. Omni wheels are typically made via a molding process. The polymer used in their construction can be molded to achieve custom shapes and sizes. These are just a few benefits of choosing omni wheels.