What Are Eccentric Bushings for Spring Plungers?

Eccentric bushings by Monroe

Spring plungers offer a simple and effective positioning solution for parts. Consisting of a spring and ball, they will apply pressure to the parts with which they are used. The enclosed spring will essentially push the ball or nose to ensure that the adjacent part is properly positioned. But if you’re going to use spring plungers, you may want to invest in a set of eccentric bushings.

Eccentric Bushings Explained

Eccentric bushings are adjustable spacers that are designed for use with spring plungers. Like all bushings, they provide isolation. You can place a spring plunger in an eccentric bushing to isolate it. The spring plunger will remain confined to the eccentric bushing. It will still be able to apply pressure to the adjacent part via its enclosed spring, but the spring plunger will be isolated.

With eccentric bushings, you’ll have more control over the positioning of the parts. Spring plungers alone can position parts. Eccentric bushings simply offer greater control over positioning. You can use them to adjust spring plungers and, thus, achieve precise positioning for the parts.

What Type of Spring Plungers Support Eccentric Bushings?

There are many different types of spring plungers, not all of which support eccentric bushings. Eccentric bushings typically only work with lateral spring plungers. Lateral spring plungers are characterized by their ability to apply pressure laterally. You can use eccentric bushings with lateral spring plungers such as this. Other types of spring plungers may not support eccentric bushings.

How to Choose Eccentric Bushings

You can find eccentric bushings in different sizes. Since they are designed for use with spring plungers — specifically lateral spring plungers — you’ll need to choose them in the right size. Some eccentric bushings are longer or wider than others. Neglecting to consider the size may result in the eccentric bushings not fitting the spring plungers with which you intend to use them.

Eccentric bushings are available in different materials as well. Steel is a popular material in which they are made. There are stainless steel eccentric bushings, and there are carbon steel eccentric bushings. Stainless steel eccentric bushings offer greater protection against corrosion, but those made of carbon steel are typically stronger and more durable.

In Conclusion

Eccentric bushings are adjustable spacers for lateral spring plungers. They are available in different sizes and materials. Regardless, they all work the same by providing an adjustable housing for a lateral spring plunger.

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