What Are Lifting Magnets And How Are They Used in Manufacturing?

Countless manufacturing companies — along with companies in other industries — use lifting magnets in their daily operations. This ergonomic lifting solution allows manufacturing workers to easily lift, move and manipulate heavy objects. And while it may sound like an unnecessary expense for manufacturing companies, a lifting magnet is a smart investment for several reasons.

Overview of Lifting Magnets

A lifting magnet is exactly what it sounds like: a high-powered magnetic device that’s used to lift objects. Also known as a portative electromagnetic, it allows workers to easily handle otherwise heavy objects. To lift a heavy object, a manufacturing worker places the lifting magnet over the object, at which he or she activates the magnet. Once activated, the magnet will “stick” and hold the object, assuming it’s made of a magnetic metal, so that the user can easily move it to the desired location.

Of course, there are other ways to lift heavy objects, such as clamping devices. Clamping devices, however, require the object being lifted to feature some type of connection point. With a lifting magnet, objects with a flat or smooth surface — and no connection point — can easily be lifted. The only requirement is that the object must feature a magnetic metal construction.

Benefits of Lifting Magnets

Lifting magnets offer several benefits for manufacturing companies, one of which is a lower risk of muscuskeletal disorders (MSDs). Each year, million of workers sustain MSDs like back pain and pulled muscles from improperly lifting heavy objects. If a worker is forced to lift a heavy and/or awkwardly shaped object, he or she may experience an MSD-related injury. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that 33% of all workplace injuries consist of MSDs. Manufacturing workers can protect themselves from MSDs, however, by using a lifting magnetic. It eliminates the need for workers to physically lift and carry heavy objects, as a lifting magnetic can perform this task.

A lifting magnet can also improve productivity in a manufacturing workplace. It’s not only laborious for workers to manually lift and carry heavy objects; it’s also time consuming. As a result, workers will experience low productivity, thereby hurting the company’s profits. With its ability to automate lifting processes, a lifting magnet solves these challenges. Manufacturing workers can use them to quickly and efficiently move heavy objects.

To recap, a lifting magnetic is a magnetic device that’s used to lift, move and manipulate objects. When used in the manufacturing workplace, they reduce the risk of worker injury and create a more productive environment.

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