What Are Rapid Fire Retriever Magnets?

Rapid fire retriever magnet

If you work with sheet metal or other metal parts, you may want to invest in a rapid fire retriever magnet. Rapid fire retriever magnets are material handling devices. You can use them to lift and handle metal objects.

Overview of Rapid Fire Retriever Magnets

Rapid fire retriever magnets are permanent magnets. They feature a handle, rod and magnetic base. The magnetic base contains a permanent magnet. Placing it over a steel plate, casting or other metal objects will then lift that object.

They are known as “rapid fire retriever magnets” because they allow for the fast retrieval of metal objects. You don’t have to manually retrieve metal objects by grabbing them with your hands. If you have a rapid fire retriever magnet, you can retrieve metal objects without directly touching them with your hands.

How to Use a Rapid Fire Retriever Magnet

Rapid fire retriever magnets are easy to use. Like other permanent magnets, they produce a static magnetic field that’s present all the time. While holding the handle of a rapid fire retriever magnet, you can place it over a metal object. As long as the object is ferromagnetic, it will be attracted to the rapid fire retriever magnet. The base of the rapid fire retriever magnetic will pick up the metal object.

With the metal object stuck to the base, you can move it to the desired location. Rapid fire retriever magnets have a release button. It’s located on the handle. When pressed, the release button will release the metal object from the magnetic base.

Rapid fire retriever magnets require pressurized air for their release mechanism. Most of them use 25 to 80 pounds per square (PSI) of air. Pressing the release button on a rapid fire retriever magnetic will blast compressed air at the object so that it releases from the magnetic base.

Common Features of Rapid Fire Retriever Magnets

In addition to a powerful permanent magnetic, rapid fire retriever magnets use a 3/8″ NPT Universal male quick disconnect for the air line. You can connect them to any air compressor using this type of quick disconnect.

Rapid fire retriever magnets can protect you from injury. Touching metal objects with your bare hands can be dangerous. A piece of sheet metal may be hot, or it may feature sharp and jagged edges. Rather than exposing yourself to potential burns or cuts, you should use a rapid fire retriever magnet. It will allow you to lift the sheet metal without directly touching it with your hands.

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