What Are Wire Rope Clips?

Wire rope clip by Monroe Engineering

Wire rope is commonly used to lift heavy loads. It consists of braided strands of metal, such as steel. When compared to traditional rope, wire rope is stronger and able to support heavier loads.

When using wire rope, however, you’ll need to secure it to an appropriate anchor point. Fortunately, there are wire rope clips available for this purpose

Overview of Wire Rope Clips

Wire rope clips are load-bearing components that are designed for use with wire rope. To lift an object with wire rope, you’ll typically need to use a load-bearing component. Wire rope clips offer an effective solution. You can mount them to the top of an object, after which you can secure the wire rope to it. The wire rope clip will hold the wire rope while allowing you to lift the object to which it’s mounted.

How Wire Rope Clips Work

How do wire rope clips work exactly? There are different types of wire rope clips, each of which works in a different way. One of the most common types, though, is U-bolt.

U-bolt wire rope clips consist of a U-bolt, a saddle and a pair of nuts. You can see an example of a U-bolt wire rope clip in the photo above. The U-bolt itself is the semi-circular orange piece. The saddle, conversely, is the set of pronged metal pieces on the sides of the U-bolt. Finally, the nuts are the threaded fasteners attached to the bottom of the U-bolt.

To use a U-bolt wire rope clip, you’ll need to remove the nuts from the U-bolt. You can then insert the U-bolt wire rope clip onto the top of the object that you intend to lift. Once positioned, you’ll need to reattach the nuts. The nuts will hold the U-bolt wire rope clip to the object. You can then lift the object by placing wire rope through the center of the U-bolt.

There are also dual-saddle wire rope clips. As the name suggests, dual-saddle wire rope clips have two saddles rather than a single saddle. Each of the two saddles has a built-in bolt, which is attached to a nut. You can remove the nuts to place a dual-saddle wire rope clip on an object.

In Conclusion

Wire rope clips are anchor points for wire rope There are U-bolt wire rope clips and dual-saddle wire rope clips. They work by creating a secure load-bearing point on objects so that equipment can lift the object with wire rope.

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