DoorWave | Hands Free Door Pull

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, there are over 200 viruses that can cause illness. Germs like bacteria and viruses love to hang out in public facilities, and any common door handle is an invitation to pass them along to the next person. Public restrooms and facilities are often at the top of the offender list.

The viruses known to cause the Cold and Flu and many types of dangerous bacteria are transmitted by direct contact. A person does not catch a cold or flu virus, they have to come in contact with it. People are generally aware of this, so what do they do? They grab paper towels if there are any. They use their shirt, skirt, elbow, tissue, anything they can find to avoid touching that handle.

The DoorWave was designed to enable a user to open a door by using either the top or the bottom of their foot. By using their shoe to open the door, not only does the user avoid direct contact with potentially dangerous bacteria and virus-infested handles, but this also enables the user to have their hands free for other tasks. Now there is an option to exit without touching the door handle. You spent the money on hands-free toilets, sinks, dispensers, and air dryers, now complete the healthy hand’s system with The DoorWave.

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Gross Weight 1.5 lb
Net Weight 1.4 lb
Dimensions 6.375 × 4.25 × 4 in
High Volume? We also can sell in packs of 24
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Installation Instructions

Please take the time to read all of the installation instructions.

  1. The DoorWave works with any unlatched pull to open door.

  2. Install on the bottom corner of the PULL side of the door using the self-drilling stainless steel screws.

  3. Clamp or hold the DoorWave about ½” up from the bottom of the door and ½” in from the side of the door.

  4. Use an electric pulse drill with extension and #2 Phillips head bit to install the screws. Insert the screw on Phillips bit then push firmly while drilling. The self-drilling screws will work with solid-core wood doors or metal doors. It works best to install the first screw then check for level before adding the other 3 screws.

  5. Be careful not to over-tighten with the drill. Screw in fully with the drill until it is flush, then stop and check with a Phillips #2 screwdriver to make sure they are fully tightened.

  6. Install the door decal above the door handle on the PULL side of the door or it can be placed on the wall next to the door or the mirror above the sink to let clients know they have a hands-free option to exit.

  7. IMPORTANT – Check the pull weight of the door. If the door is difficult to pull open, adjust the closer that is mounted on top of the door. The closer should be adjusted to ADA pull weight of 5 lbs. or less. Many door closers were not properly adjusted when they were originally installed and should be corrected to ADA compliant pull weight for the door type regardless if a DoorWave is installed or not. Most door closers have details on how to adjust the pull weight of the door on a sticker on the closer itself or behind their plastic cover. You can also search for your specific door closer type on YouTube for instructions.

Download The DoorWave Installation Instructions