Quick Common Conversions & Formula Tables

These are 3 tables with quick common conversions and formulas for the following:

  • Metric conversions for linear, torque, and force.
  • Rules relative to the circle to find the circumference, diameter, radius, the side of an inscribed square, and the side of an equal square.
  • Rules relative to the circle for a square, to find the area of a circle, and to find the surface of a sphere or globe.

We hope you find these useful.

Metric Conversions

Linear Multiply INCHES
by 25.4 to get MILLIMETERS (MM)
Multiply FEET
by 0.3048 to get METERS (M)
Multiply INCHES
by 2.54 to get CENTIMETERS (CM)
by 0.03937 to get INCHES
Multiply METERS (M)
by 3.281 to get FEET
by 0.3937 to get INCHES
Torque Multiply INCH-POUNDS
by 0.11298 to get NEWTON-METERS (Nm)
by 1.3558 to get NEWTON-METERS (Nm)
by 8.851 to get INCH-POUNDS
by 0.7376 to get FOOT-POUNDS
Force Multiply POUNDS
by 0.00445 to get KILO-NEWTONS (kN)
by 224.72 to get POUNDS

Rules Relative to the Circle

To Find Circumference Multiply diameter by
Or divide diameter by 0.3183
To Find Diameter
Multiply circumference by
Or divide circumference by 3.1416
To Find Radius Multiply circumference by
Or divide circumference by 6.28318
To Find Side of an Inscribed Square Multiply diameter by
Or multiply circumference by
Or divide circumference by 4.4428
To Find Side of an Equal Square Multiply diameter by 0.8862
Or divide diameter by
Or multiply circumference by
Or divide circumference by 3.545

Additional Rules

Square A side multiplied by 1.4142 equals diameter of its circumscribing circle
A side multiplied by 4.443 equals circumference of its circumscribing circle
A side multiplied by 1.128 equals diameter of an equal side
A side multiplied by 3.547 equals circumference of an equal circle
To Find the area of
a Circle
Multiply the circumference by one-quarter of the diameter
Or multiply the square of diameter by 0.7854
Or multiply the square of circumference by 0.7958
Or multiply the square of 1/2 diameter by 3.1416
To Find the Surface
of A Sphere or Globe
Multiply the diameter by the circumference
Or multiply the square of a diameter by 3.1416
Or multiply four times the square of radius by 3.1416

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