Piano Hinge Production

Piano Hinge Production DiagramSTEP 1 - A coil of steel the width of the finished hinge is fed and straightened as it enters the production process. Cuts are made to separate the hinge into halves and cut out the knuckles.

STEP 2 - The knuckles (the part that wraps around the pin) receive their first forming operations.

STEP 3 - Additional forming of the knuckles prepares then to receive the pin.

STEP 4 - As the hinge travels through the process, a pin is introduced and travels through each manufacturing station with the left and right hinge leaf.

STEP 5 - The pin is trapped into position by closing the knuckle over it on one side and then the other.

STEP 6 - Knuckles are closed over the pin and a continuous length of finished hinge exits the machine ready to be cut to any length required.

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