Gasket Materials

Gasket applications cover a large spectrum of materials ranging from acrylic to aluminum. Your gasket manufacturing options are as varied as Die Cutting and Lathe Cutting to Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Vulcanization.

Monroe has decades of gasket experience, working with the materials listed below for a wide range of applications. We understand the importance of a “proper” gasket and the cost considerations.

One very cost effective method of cutting gaskets is utilizing steel rule dies; others are lathe-cutting and thropcutting. Not all methods will produce the same tolerances and some materials only lend themselves to certain methods of manufacturing. Perhaps you have a critical dimension, this may require a hardened steel tool or perhaps it will be best produced by water jet cutting or even molding. Let Monroe Seals be the source for all your gasket requirements. Contact Monroe and we will put our experts to work for you. Our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you in pairing the right gasket material with the right manufacturing process.

Slitting, pressure sensitive adhesives, assembly and special packaging are some of the additional services supplied. Monroe will quote on both long and short run die cut products.

Gasket Materials (Not All Inclusive)

Acrylic Epoxy glass Paper
Aluminum Felt Polyethylene (foam-solid)
Armite Fiberboard Polypropylene
Buna (Nitrile) Fishpaper Polyurethane (sponge-solid)
Cellulose fibers Gum rubber Press board
Ceramic paper Hypalon® Red rubber
Cloth inserted rubber Laminated DacronIPolvester Santoprene®
Copaco Lexan® Silicone (sponge-solid)
Cork Mylar® Sponge rubber
Cork & Rubber Natsyn® Tetra glass
Craneglas® Neoprene (sponge-solid) Viton®
Cross linked P.E. foam Nomex® (sponge-solid)
EPDM (sponge-solid) Non-asbestos fiber

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont® Dow Elastomers L.L.C

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