Integro Solar Products

OneMonroe Integro provides comprehensive solar power solutions, specializing in products that facilitate DC power transmission from solar panels to distribution or combiner boxes for AC power conversion on the grid. Our offerings include 2-14 input harnesses, X, Y, and T junctions, extenders, as well as fused and non-fused jumpers, and combiner box whips. At OneMonroe Integro, we excel in delivering customized solutions. Beyond just product provision, we offer comprehensive engineering analysis and site plan take-offs, delivering turnkey solutions. To ensure longevity and optimum performance, our products undergo rigorous quality testing procedures, exceeding UL requirements. We pride ourselves on our capability to create tailored products, including custom harnesses, fused and non-fused jumpers, extenders and homeruns, as well as combiner box whips, to meet your specific needs.

Custom Products


OneMonroe Integro's custom harnesses are designed to meet your specific solar application needs. These harnesses are highly adaptable, with configurations available for both Bifacial and First Solar Modules. They can handle 1500V and 1000V system architectures, ensuring they're versatile enough for a variety of setups. Moreover, they offer multiple cable gauge options (from #6 to #10), and several stranding options for each gauge. With color choices of red, black, or white, the harnesses can match your aesthetic preferences. Finally, they come with multiple connector options such as Staubli MC4, Jinko PV-JK03M, Tlian T4-PC, Trina TS4, TE Connectivity PV4-S, and others are available upon request. Thus, OneMonroe Integro provides a comprehensive solution for your custom harness needs.


OneMonroe Integro delivers tailored solutions with its range of jumper options, which can be either fused or non-fused, meeting diverse electrical requirements. These jumpers are uniquely designed with string or circuit-specific labels to reduce installation time and prevent errors. To ensure easy installation, they are either rolled or packaged appropriately. The jumpers also offer a multitude of customization options, including length, fuses, colors, and wire gauge, to suit various applications. OneMonroe Integro's jumpers thus provide a custom and efficient solution for a wide spectrum of electrical needs.

Extenders and Homeruns

OneMonroe Integro provides precision-cut, labeled, and terminated products tailored to your project's specific needs. Their homerun cables are conveniently packaged or reeled on a per-row or combiner box basis, greatly reducing waste and labor during the installation process. These cables come with connectors that are specified per site plan or modules, ensuring the perfect fit for your project. With high-quality terminations and crimps, OneMonroe Integro's products guarantee superior performance and durability, providing you with reliable solutions for your electrical system needs.

Combiner Box Whips

OneMonroe Integro offers custom-built combiner box whips for a smooth, plug-and-play solution. These ready-to-use whips are prepped for plugging into homeruns – all you need is to match the specified circuit nomenclature. They're also ready for termination in combiner boxes, making the installation process quick and efficient. The cables are stripped to length, ensuring no nicked or broken strands, promoting safety and longevity. Plus, their labeled circuits make installation easier and coordination with combiner box fusing seamless, streamlining your project.

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