Solar Electrical Components

OneMonroe serves the solar industry

OneMonroe is a global industrial manufacturing company that has many years of experience in manufacturing and distributing solar panel components.

We at OneMonroe touch your life every day in the house that you live in, the way you get to work, and how the things you buy are made. In business, since 1958 we make and supply thousands of items through industry leading stock and sell solutions. OneMonroe sales engineers have the experience and can do approach to offer solutions to your unique needs. If the specific product you need isn’t shown, let us know and we will make it, stock it, and deliver it as you need it.

Solar Custom Cable Assemblies

We offer standard and custom solar cable assemblies and harnesses. We make these at specific lengths and with your choice of connector. OneMonroe is able to consistency beat industry standards on price and lead times on these items.

Cable Tray

Our solar cable trays offer protection, cable support and wire management. Our cable tray systems are the perfect solution for running large quantities of power or data cables.


OneMonroe carries a variety of fuses designed for the solar industry. We are able to offer Midget Fuses, Holders, and Overmolded In-line fuses.

Solar Battery Cable

OneMonroe offers high flexiable battery cables with the required UL codes for the solar market. We also carry lugs and are able to make prefabbed battery cables as well.

PV Wire

Our PV wires are appropriate for use in solar power applications and for use in grounded interconnection and ungrounded Photovoltaic power systems. We carry stock on copper and aluminum options throughout the country.

Solar Connectors

OneMonroe prides itself as being one of the largest stocking distributors of the variety of PV Connectors brands. We understand the need to match connectors to existing leads on panels, inverters, and combiner boxes. We carry brands from MC4, H4, PV4, T4, QC4, Jinko, Trina, HCB40, JMTHY, Longi, Sunter, LJQ, and even more!

Solar Cable Management

OneMonroe offers solar cable clips, ties, and liquid tight strain relief fittings, cord grips, cable glands, circular connectors, industrial enclosures, flexible conduit, and other cable and wire accessory products.


OneMonroe is able to offer grounding lugs, rods, straps, and clamps that are commonly used for solar projects

Solar Tools

OneMonroe offers precision cutting, stripping and crimping tools that are specifically engineered for the wires and terminals specific to a certain connector brand. Our high-quality tools are designed for durability and efficiency, and give you consistently excellent results.

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