Spring Loaded Hinges

Monroe manufactures custom spring loaded hingesSpring Loaded Hinges can be configured for various tensions and to hold the hinge in the open or the closed position. OneMonroe has the capabilities to manufacture Spring Loaded Hinges in a wide variety of lengths, metals and finishes.

OneMonroe is ready to work with you on developing the right Spring Loaded Hinges for your application. All of our projects start with a question, a print or a sketch.

We are ready to provide you with the support your need to complete the design, manufacturing and delivery of hinges for your project.

Spring loaded hinges are made to order to suit your requirements. We stock a variety of springs that can be used with hinge series 1435, 1240, 1267 and 741. When inquiring, please inform us of the weight of the door to be held open or closed. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the proper spring loaded hinge for your application.

See Monroe's Spring Loaded Hinges.

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